Ryan Mahoney MS, CSCS

Ryan's passion for health and wellness began in 1998 when he started with a trainer in 8th grade. Always looking for new ways to improve his athletic ability, he began training for sports.  In high school his passion continued to grow as he began to grow his knowledge and implement proper nutrition with his training regimen.  He was fortunate enough to know what he wanted for a career from an early age, and began to follow his heart to make his passion his career.

Ryan attended the University of New Hampshire, where he played Free Safety for the Wildcat football team.  While training with the Strength and Conditioning coach at UNH, Ryan developed a new passion for training in a high intensity, group setting; as well as training athletes.  After it was time to hang up the cleats, Ryan volunteered to assist the Strength and Conditioning staff to help train the Wildcat varsity teams. During his senior year, Ryan worked with the Nutrition Department and served as a personal trainer for the 30 faculty and staff participants  in the Employee Wellness Program.  He graduated from the University of New Hampshire in 2006 with a Bachelor of Science degree, and began to witness his passion grow in multiple directions.

After college Ryan wanted to learn from the best, so he got hired at Mike Boyle Strength and Conditioning in 2006.  Ryan's experience and knowledge of the human body and periodized programming continued to grow under Mike Boyle, and his thirst for knowledge was greater than ever.  Realizing this thirst, Mike Boyle recommended Ryan for a Graduate Assistantship at West Texas A&M University after just one year of employment.

In 2007 Ryan moved down to Texas to assist in the implementation of the first Strength and Conditioning program at West Texas A&M under Head Coach Sarah Ramey.  He went on to graduate with Honors with a Masters degree in Exercise Science.  After receiving his Masters degree in 2008, Ryan was offered a full time Strength and Conditioning Coach and Associate Professor position at West Texas A&M.

Ryan worked with the football, baseball, softball, men's basketball, and track and field teams, as well as teaching Personal Training Concepts and Essentials of Strength and Conditioning courses for the Exercise Science Department.  During his time at WTAMU, Ryan also performed personal training for local residents, faculty, and staff and assisting in the management of the fitness facility, continuing his multifaceted passion in the industry.

Ryan's other passion, family and friends, was the driving factor that brought him back to Massachusetts.  From 2010-2014 Ryan held many prestigious positions in the health and wellness industry in the North Shore.  Ryan was the Associate Health and Wellness Director at the YMCA in Marblehead, Master Personal Trainer at Manchester Athletic Club, Fitness Manager at Boston Sports Clubs in Lynnfield, and Fitness Director/Small Group Training Director at Boston North Fitness in Danvers.  During his time on the North Shore, Ryan has helped over hundreds of clients lose weight, feel better, and live healthier lifestyles that still continue.  Ryan prides himself on the personal connection he makes with his clients, and stays in contact with them to this day.

Most recently, Ryan has served as the leading Personal Trainer and Fitness Director at Cabral Wellness Institute in Back Bay, Boston.  From 2014-2016 Ryan continued to grow his extensive knowledge of nutrition, health, and wellness concepts while working under Dr. Stephen Cabral, a Naturopathic Doctor located in Boston.  Ryan expanded his knowledge of hormones, body type programming, and lifestyle specific wellness programs.

 Ryan is now looking to expand his services to implement his mission and philosophy in helping people live healthier, more prosperous, and fulfilling lives!  He's excited to meet you, and would love to hear from you to set up your free consultation! 

MY Mission

My passion for this industry resides in the true spirit of helping people.  The fulfillment I receive ranges from making someone smile when they're having a bad day to changing someone's life to live the lifestyle they've always dreamed of living.  

My mission is to help people live healthier, longer, and more fulfilling lives through educating the consumer on proper nutrition, training, and wellness concepts that are customized to fit individual lifestyles for greater success of implementation. 


I have been a personal trainer for over 12 years, and have helped hundreds of people lose weight, feel better, and live a more fulfilling life through proper education and implementation of health and wellness concepts that fit any lifestyle.  

When you hire me, you're getting exactly that.... Me!

  I will constantly strive to make sure you get more from this experience than you ever expected, and it will be knowledge that you will be able to implement to create a lifestyle for a lifetime!