Private Training

Everyone is different.  We all have different goals, different body types, and different lifestyles.

Therefore, nobody should implement a one-size-fits-all, cookie-cutter approach to their individual health and wellness needs.

Allow me to customize your nutritional guidelines and create a progressively challenging strength and cardiovascular routine design to fit the individual needs of your lifestyle and bioindividuality.

small group training

Music pumping, high fiving, high intensity, functional training. Perform a combination of strength based and metabolic circuits with the social support of a group setting.  These programs are designed to build functional strength, enhance your body composition, and mentally challenge you to exceed your expectations.  All routines are tailored and adjusted to all fitness levels! 

semi-private training

Do you have someone of similar training ability that works the same schedule?

Clients can split the cost of a semi-private session, with no additional cost!


benefits to IMPLEMENTING corporate wellness


More Affordable

High Energy

Friendly Competitions

Builds Camaraderie

Results Driven

Social Support



Training Variety


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